A list of Thomas Edward Bulch compositions and arrangements (including some known pseudonyms)

The below is a list of compositions and arrangements understood to have been produced by Thomas Bulch either in his own name or under one of the known pseudonyms he used. Primarily Godfrey Parker and Henri Laski. Again much of the list has been compiled based on lists produced by previous researchers of the subject, including Thomas’s grandson Eric Tomkins – however,​ a few have been added based upon discoveries of pieces having been cited as performed in contemporary reports of brass programmes from the Australian and British newspapers. We keep a more detailed list annotated with these cited performances. The Australian site ‘Trove’ has been an excellent resource in this respect. We have also been given other lists such as the listed catalogue of the Arthur Sterling collection which contains a great many Bulch pieces.

NB: Though initial research by others led us to believe that Carl Volti, Charles Le Thiere and Theo Bonheur were all Bulch pseudonyms we have learned this to be not the case so we removed those titles from this list. It’s highly likely that Tom Bulch arranged their works for brass band though.

I have included arrangements as well as compositions as it’s key to appreciating how hard T E Bulch worked, there are many arrangements and particularly edits to pieces composed by others for which he will probably never be credited. It’s easy to see from this (quite probably incomplete list) just how prolific T E Bulch was. A great many of these pieces were advertised for their accessibility and ease of playing. It’s clear that Thomas knew that to sell a great deal of music it would need to be of a broadly playable standard rather than making each piece deliberately challenging, yet there are many pieces composed specifically for contest too.

A Day in ScotlandQuick MarchGodfrey Parker 
A Day in IrelandMarchT E Bulch 
A Song That Will Never DieSongEugene Lacosta1904
A Guid New YearArrangement(arr.) T E Bulch
A Venetian CarnivalMarchT E Bulch 
ABCDEFMarchT E Bulch 
AdelinaSchottischeGodfrey Parker1892 or earlier
Adeste Fidelis (arr.) T E Bulch 
Adventurer, TheQuick March (March)T E Bulch1910 or earlier
Alice BerthaMazurkaHenri Laski 
After The BallWaltzT E Bulch1894 or earlier
Al FrescoSchottischeT E Bulch1891 or earlier
Alice Where Art ThouArrangement(arr.) T E Bulch 
All Coons DayTwo StepT E Bulch1906 or earlier
American AirsSelectionT E Bulch1906 or earlier
Anna BolenaContest SelectionT E Bulch1895 or earlier
Annie of the Vale MarchT E Bulch  
AntipodesQuick MarchT E Bulch1887 or earlier
Attack, TheGrand QuickstepT E Bulch1896
AustralOvertureT E Bulch1894
Australian Light HorseMarchT E Bulch1910 or earlier
AzalienMazurkaGodfrey Parker 
Ballarat MarchT E Bulch1884
BaltimoreSelectionT E Bulch1910 or earlier
Baby Elephant, TheMarch  
BathurstContest MarchT E Bulch1891
BattalionMarchT E Bulch1924 or earlier
Battle of Eureka, TheContest MarchT E Bulch1890 or earlier
Battle of JutlandMarchT E Bulch 
Belgian Guards, TheQuick marchT E Bulch1895
Beauty’s Bower T E Bulch 
Beauty WaltzWaltzHenri Laski1907 or earlier
Bell BrandonMarchT E Bulch 
BendigoMarchT E Bulch1908 or earlier
Big Push, TheMarchT E Bukch 
Benita Cornet SoloT E Bulch1924 or earlier
BizarreSoloT E Bulch 
Blue Bells Of ScotlandAir VarieT E Bulch 
Blue DanubeArrangement(arr.) Bulch 
BombardiquePolka for bass endT E Bulch 
Bombardment of Port ArthurGrand Naval Fantasia T E Bulch1904
Bonnie Jennie GrayQuick MarchGodfrey Parker1890 or earlier
Boys of ANZACMarchT E Bulch 
Breathe Not of PartingQuick MarchGodfrey Parker 1904
Brewster’s MillionsWaltzT E Bulch1908
Brigadier, TheMarchT E Bulch 1919
Bright-Eyed NancyValseHenri Laski 1904
BrilliantCornet SoloT E Bulch1908 or earlier
Buy A BroomAir VarieT E Bulch 
Canterbury EngineersQuick MarchT E Bulch1893
CarbineGalopT E Bulch1905 or earlier
Cheer Up BrigadeQuick MarchT E bulch
Chef D’OeuvreContest MarchT E Bulch1886
ChiselhurstQuadrilleT E Bulch1905 or earlier
Christians Awake Hymn(arr.) Bulch1895 or earlier
ClariceMazurkaGodfrey Parker1892 or earlier
Commanding Officers ParadeQuick MarchT E Bulch 
ConcertoT E Bulch1926 or earlier
ConstellationMarchT E Bulch1900 or earlier
Coons Festival, TheRag Time MarchT E Bulch 
CoquetteWaltzHenri Laski 
CraigeleeQuick marchGodfrey Parker1892 or earlier
CrystalSelectionT E Bulch1905 or earlier
CycloneMarchT E Bulch1888 or earlier
Dainty DaisyIntermezzoHenri Laski1906 or earlier
Dance of the Dandy CoonsBarn DanceT E Bulch 1914
Darling DollyWaltzHenri Laski 
Deiria, TheMarchT E Bulch1906 or earlier
DefianceMarchT E Bulch1926 or earlier
Dominion of CanadaTwo Steparr. T E Bulch 1915
DonizettiSelectuon(arr.) T E Bulch1904 or earlier
Dream LandWaltzHenri Laski 
Druid, TheMarchT E Bulch1899 or earlier
Dunedin NavelsContest MarchT E Bulch1894
El AveQuick MarchT E Bulch1891 or earlier
The ElephantGrand MarchT E Bulch1887
ElsinoreWaltz / ValseHenri Laski1899 or earlier
En AvantQuickstepT E Bulch
Empire, TheSelectionT E Bulch1902 or earlier
English, The T E Bulch1904 or earlier
EuphemiaWaltzT E Bulch 
Ever TrueWaltzT E Bulch1903 or earlier
Faint and WearilyAir varieT E Bulch1912 or earlier
Fair JapanWaltzT E Bulch1898 or earlier
Far fa’ the Gloamin MarchT E Bulch1899 or earlier
FederationMarchHenri Laski1899 or earlier
Final FlutterGalopGodfrey Parker 1894 or earlier
FlashlightGallopEugene Lacosta 1904
Flora BellQuickstepT BulchPre 1899
Flowers of Australia

Fleurs D’Australie, Les)

WaltzHenri Laski1895 or earlier
FlorettaMazurkaEugene Lacosta 
FlorinaWaltzT E Bulch 1903
Flying Squadron Eugene Lacosta 
FortissimoContest QuadrillesT E Bulch1893 or earlier
ForwardQuickstepT E Bulch1899 or earlier
Full and Plenty(other compositions)  
Gawler T E Bulch 
Gems of MeyerbeerSelectionT E Bulch1901
Gems of AmericaSelectionT E Bulch1901 or earlier
Gems of TscarkowskyFantasiaT E Bulch1904
Gems from WeberSelectionT E Bulch1886 or earlier
General JoffreQuick MarchT E Bulch1915 or earlier
Genevieve T E Bulch


Henri Laski

1895 or earlier
Giant, The MarchBulch 1887
GibraltarQuick MarchT E Bulch1904
GigantiqueGrand Contest OvertureT E Bulch1906 or earlier
Glory to GodAnthemGodfrey Parker 
God Save IrelandT E Bulch1929 or earlier
Good ShotGallopGodfrey Parker1887
Good MorninggalopT E Bulch1895 or earlier
GollityPolkaGodfrey Parker 
Go LightlyPolkaGodfrey Parker1894 or earlier
Grand Christmas Number SelectionT E Bulch 
Grasp of an English Hand, TheQuick MarchGodfrey Parker1893 or earlier
Guid New Year, A (arr.) Bulch 
Gumsucker, TheTongueing PolkaT E Bulch1887
Good-bye MavourneenMarchT E Bulch1901 or earlier
Grieve Not of Parting Godfrey Parker 
Hail VictoriaQuick MarchCharles Le Thiere (arr. Bulch) 
Happy MomentsMarchT E Bulch1886 or earlier
Happy ThoughtsSchottischeT E Bulch1894 or earlier
Hark The Herald Angels SingArrangement(arr.) Bulch1900 or earlier
Heroes of GallipoliMarchT E Bulch1915
Heroes of ErinMarchT E Bulch1922 or earlier
Highland GemsWaltzT E Bulch 
Home I Love So Well, TheAir VarieT E Bulch 
Home Visions(other composition)T E Bulch 1903
HopetounMarchT E Bulch1891 or earlier
IBBN (Intercolonial Brass Band News)Contest MarchT E Bulch1896 or earlier
Il BarbiereSelection(arr.) T E Bulch
In My CottageAir VarieT E Bulch 
IpswichMarchArthur Kingsley 
Irish AirsSelectionT E Bulch1929 or earlier
Irish BrigadeQuadrilleT E Bulch1908 or earlier
Jamie Stewart’s Birthday: Scotch Patrol T E Bulch 
Jester’s MarchQuick March

March for piano

T E Bulch1908 or earlier
JerusalemSacred MarchGodfrey Parker 
JessondaMarch(arr.) T E Bulch1901
JollityPolkaT E Bulch 
Jolly SailorsSchottischeT E Bulch1891 or earlier
Jubilee March, TheMarchT E Bulch1887
JumboContest MarchT E Bulch1884
Jupiter & MarsDuet polka for 2 cornets with pianoforte accompanimentT E Bulch1894 or earlier
Just For TonightSoloT E Bulch 
Kilties, TheQuadrilleT E Bulch 
King PinMarchT E Bulch 
King’s Guard, TheMarchT E Bulch
Kiss, TheWaltzT E Bulch1918 or earlier
Kitchener’s Army: March PastMarchT E Bulch1914
Lads In Navy Blue, TheQuick MarchT E Bulch1901 or earlier
Land of the ShamrockIrish QuadrilleT E Bulch1915 or earlier
Last ThoughtsWaltzT E Bulch1920 or earlier
LatrobeQuick marchGodfrey Parker 
Lead On LadsMarchT E Bulch1902 or earlier
Lena T E Bulch 
Les Fleurs D’Australie (also The Flower of Australia)WaltzHenri Laski1895 or earlier
Life of a FiremanDescriptive FantasiaS Redler1907 or earlier
Life of a ChoristerDescriptive FantasiaS Redler1907 or earlier
Life of a BlacksmithDescriptive FantasiaS Redler1907 or earlier
Light ArtilleryMarchT E Bulch1894 or earlier
LionheartMarchT E Bulch1910 or earlier
Little Dark EyesWaltzHenri Laski1906 or earlier
Little Maggie MayMarchT E Bulch1893 or earlier
LohengrinSelection(arr.) T E Bulch1903 or earlier
Lucretia BorgiaArrangement (Grand Selection)Godfrey Parker 
LurlineSelectionT E Bulch1895
LyndhurstGallopT E Bulch1899 or earlier
MabelVarsoviana (Mazurka)Godfrey Parker 
Maid O’th’ MistWaltzHenri Laski1907
The Maori ChiefMarchT E Bulch1888 or earlier
March of the DruidsMarchT E Bulch1897
Mary BlaneQuick marchGodfrey Parker1906 or earlier
MastereQuartetteT E Bulch1904 or earlier
MeditationWaltzT E Bulch1909 or earlier
Melbourne by NightSelectionT E Bulch1906 or earlier
Melodique MarchT E Bulch1904 or earlier
MeltonvilleLancersT E Bulch 
Memories of EnglandSelectionT E Bulch (also Godfrey Parker)1905
Memories of Erin SelectionT E Bulch 
Mira Godfrey Parker 
MirandaIntermezzoT E Bulch 
Moa, TheContest marchT E Bulch1896
Mon AmiPolkaT E Bulch1885 or earlier
My Darling WifeSong solo  
My PollyWaltzHenri Laski (also Godfrey Parker)1893 or earlier
MyrineWaltzHenri Laski (& T E Bulch)1894 or earlier
NadaValsetteT E Bulch & Henri Laski1898 or earlier
Neck or NothingMarchT E Bulch 
NewcastleContest MarchT E Bulch1894 or earlier
NewtownQuick MarchT E Bulch1901 or earlier
NorallaWaltzT E Bulch1910
No SurrenderMarchT E Bulch1894 or earlier
OliviaWaltzT E Bulch1891 or earlier
On The AlertMarchT E Bulch1925 or earlier
On The War PathQuick MarchT E Bulch1904
Opossum HuntGallopT E Bulch1891 or earlier
Our Hands Have Met Godfrey Parker 
Our Heroes ReturnQuick MarchT E Bulch 
Pantaloon (Bombardon)Air VarieT E Bulch 
Parade T E Bulch1897 or earlier 
Parthia SchottischeSchottischeT E Bulch1896 
Peak Hill MarchQuick MarchT E Bulch 
PhonographQuadrilleT E Bulch1893 or earlier
PiemueraMarchA L Sutton 
Pile ArmsMarchT E Bulch 
Polish PatrolArrangement(Ch. De Kontski) 
Popular AirsSelectionT E Bulch1901 or earlier
Popular HitsSelectionT E Bulch1910 or earlier
Port SeaQuadrillesT E Bulch1899 or earlier 
Postman’s ParadeQuick marchT E Bulch1894 or earlier
Prayer and Passion T E Bulch  
Pro, TheSolo brilliante, for cornet with pianoforte, solo polkaT E Bulch1901 or earlier
Promised Land, TheSacred marchGodfrey Parker 
Queen of BeautySolo polkaT E Bulch1890 or earlier
Queen of the NightWaltzHenri Laski 
Queen of the RinkWaltzT E Bulch1924 or earlier
QuickshotGallopT E Bulch1899 or earlier
Rally, TheQuick marchT E Bulch 
Ready for ActionQuick marchT E Bulch1899 or earlier
Regimental FavouriteMarchT E Bulch1908 or earlier
Remember MajubaSongHenri Laski 
Reminiscences of WeberSelectionT E Bulch1895 or earlier
Robert Il DiavoloSelectionT E Bulch 
RobertoQuadrilleT E Bulch 
Rose of the MornWaltzHenri Laski 
Round AboutPolka  
Royal Irish BrigadeQuadrilleT E Bulch1899 or earlier
Royal EnglishLancersT E Bulch1900 or earlier
SabrinaAir varie(arr.) T E Bulch 1901
Sacred GemsSacred FantasiaT E Bulch 
Scottish GemsWaltzT E Bulch1897 or earlier
Scotch AirsQuartetteT E Bulch1894 or earlier
Sambo’s BirthdayTwo StepT E Bulch1905 or earlier
SandhurstContest MarchT E Bulch1892 or earlier
SandringhamQuick MarchT E Bulch1908 or earlier
Second to NoneContest MarchT E Bulch1893 or earlier
SemiquaverMarchT E Bulch1893 or earlier 
Scarlet & Blue, The:To Lord Kitchener of KhartoumMarcharr. as Henri Laski1905
She’s Sleeping Neath The Oregon PinesCornet SoloT E Bulch1906 or earlier
ShildonMarchT E Bulch1887 
Sleeping Camp, TheQuick MarchT E Bulch1901 or earlier
Soldier’s Pride, TheMarchT E Bulch 1887
South Street ParadeTwo StepT E Bulch1920 or earlier
Sons of the EmpireSelectionT E Bulch1924 or earlier
SilusAir VarieT E Bulch 
Spring BlossomsValsetteEugene Lacosta 
StellaMarchGodfrey Parker1898 or earlier
St Patrick’s DayQuick marchGodfrey Parker 
Swanee RiverAir VarieT E Bulch 
Sweet MarieQuick marchGodfrey Parker 
Sweetheart MineWaltzT E Bulch1907 or earlier
Sydney by NightSelectionT E Bulch1898 or earlier
TasmaOverture/fantasiaT E Bulch1897 or earlier
TemplemoreQuick marchGodfrey Parker (also Bulch) 
Three Cheers for Jack at SeaSong SoloT E Bulch 
Torchlight ParadeMarchT E Bulch1916 or earlier
TrilbyMarchT E Bulch1896 or earlier
TripodSolo tongueing polkaT E Bulch1904
TritoneSolo PolkaT E Bulch1883 or earlier
TriumphantMarchT E Bulch1894 or earlier
TrixieScottischeGodfrey Parker1904 or earlier
Trumpet TripletsSolo polkaT E Bulch1901 or earlier
Typhoon, TheMarchT E Bulch1879 (approx)
Umbria T E Bulch 
Union JackQuick MarchT E Bulch 
Veni, Vidi, ViciMarchT E Bulch1914 or Earlier
Verdi’s WorksSelection(arr.) Bulch1905 or earlier
VetoriaMarchT E Bulch1922 or earlier
Victor, TheMarchT E Bulch 1919
Visions of LoveWaltzT E Bulch 
WhitworthMarchR Malthouse1892 or earlier
YancowinnaMarchT E Bulch
Yankee Land T E Bulch 
Young Recruit, TheDescriptive military fantasiaT E Bulch1894 or earlier