‘Wizard and Typhoon’ Workshop and Concert

Ushaw College, Durham, DH7 9RH – Saturday 4th August 2018 at 7:30pm

Featuring Felling Brass Band, this concert will feature a selection of known, and recently rediscovered brass compositions by both composers, including of course Allan’s “The Wizard” and the only recently unearthed “The Typhoon” by Thomas Edward Bulch. Some of these pieces we’ll hear for the first time on the day, so please join us for this journey of discovery. Tickets £7.00 (adults) and £2 (under 16’s) available from the Ushaw College website


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Our mission: here is to gather, and share, as much as we can about the lives, and work, of these two remarkable Victorians (and in the case of T. E. Bulch that term applies in more than one sense) for the benefit of the people of the community from which they emerged, for the brass band fraternity as a whole, and for those who love a great story stuffed to the gills with coincidence, tragedy, triumph and magnificent music, some of which you can hear right here.