The Friends of the Wizard and Typhoon would like to sincerely thank a few people, for their generous assistance, support and encouragement:

  • Mr Eric Stanley Tomkins – (T E Bulch’s grandson) – For ongoing information and photographs about his grandfather as well as having generously shared his family history research on Thomas Bulch – which incidentally can be accessed at Shildon branch of Durham County Library.
  • Robert Wray – For sharing his notes and letters from his original research into George Allan, which began in the 1980s, which included a lovely photograph and some personal memories from Mrs Dorothy Allan (George’s granddaughter, alas now deceased).
  • Robert Pattie – of the City of Ballarat Brass Band in Australia, for kindly sharing some of his notes from his research into Bulch’s Model Band and, of course, into Thomas E Bulch.
  • Chris Ducardus – of the City of Ballarat Brass Band, for sharing part of the band’s collection of sheet music from the works of T. E. Bulch.
  • Sarah Woodward – of the Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band for generous help in sharing “Belmont” with us.
  • Elaine Wilkins – of Stamford Brass Band for the kind assistance in rifling through the band library to find what has been something of a ‘Holy Grail’ for us in the form of what is understood to be Thomas E Bulch’s first published march ‘The Typhoon’.
  • Sharon Poole and Felling Brass Band – for agreeing to be the first band of The Wizard and The Typhoon for our initial workshop and concert at Ushaw College on 4 August 2018.
  • Richard Evans – for his support and highly respected expertise in our first Wizard and Typhoon workshop and concert.
  • Archie MacKay – and the Shildon Town Crier – for their support.
  • Udo Amm – Of the Brandstetter publishing company, Germany.
  • Steve Goodwin and Cockerton Prize Silver Band for allowing access to view their library
  • Dr John Whiteoak for providing a copy of the catalogue to the Arthur Sterling Collection which has helped validate many Bulch titles
  • Craig Rodway and Spennymoor Town Band for their kind support
  • Ros Ashley and Leanne Diessel of Riverina Concert Band
  • Ken Irvin of Ashbourne Town Band for the .mp3 of “Ashbourne”
  • David & Catherine Keefe of Oakleigh Brass, Australia for details of pieces unknown to us, information to date some Tom Bulch pieces and a copy of “Chiselhurst”

In addition, here are a few links to sites we have discovered that may be useful:

  • Brass Band Results – a useful online catalogue of the people, bands, contests and music involved in contesting over the history of the brass movement
  • BandBlastsFromThePast – a well-researched blog exploring aspects of the brass movement ‘down under’