…But What Did They Write?

This evening I have added another update to the Wizard and Typhoon site, to answer this very question. On each summary page for the two composers you will see a link quite close to their names that will take you to a list of their compositions, and in the case of T E Bulch, a few arrangements too as well as compositions he created under various pseudonyms. There are other names he used that we can’t be sure of, but you can see from this list just how hard working and creative he was.

Of course the lists are probably incomplete, though we hope that in time we’ll develop a richer understanding that will help us create the definitive lists of works by these two great men. Not only that but we hope to enable you to hear as much of this collection as we can – but that’s all in the future.

Published by Dave Reynolds

Dave was born in 1968. He is a Business Analyst for a major UK telecommunications company and a Director of the Shildon Heritage Alliance CIC. He is also the author of the book of "The Wizard and The Typhoon," a design graduate, amateur historian and professes to be a shoddy multi-instrumentalist when time allows.